We are permanently closed on 7/21/2020

We are sorry to announce that Chestnut Grove Family Resort was sold on 7/21/2020.

We are truly sorry to our guests. We recognize that without your support, we could never have held out this long. We were extremely lucky to have so many loyal guests and wonderful employees guiding us through these 6 years. This would have been our 7th year. We will never forget you guys and hope to see you from time to time. We are proud that we kept Chestnut Grove going for additional 6 years for you. It breaks our heart that we will no longer have Chestnut Grove. It has become a part of our life.

With COVID-19, the pandemic became an existential threat to us and many small businesses like ours. Although the decision was heartbreaking, the choices are limited. With multiple loans, we could not have survived without any income for this year. The process is bitter, but the time was right for our family. It has come to this most difficult moment for us.

The new owner will repurpose the current operation and not take over the existing reservations. For those who still have reservations with us. Your deposit money will be refunded and mailed to you through our bank online check payment service as soon as possible. Please allow us 1-2 weeks to process these refunds. If you have any questions or need to update your address for your refund check, please email us at

We thank you and wish you the best. Farewell.




Jerry & Angel